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Word flapper has a long and interesting history. Before 1920 flapper was used to represent a girl having a special appearance, say bob cutting, low waistline, short skirts, and like jazz songs. In short, the girl with a flappy look was called FLAPPER. Then gradually, this term starts associating with a particular type of dress. At the end of the 20th century due to the kindness of fashion magazines and stylists, word flappers got its current definition.

Now Flappers works as an umbrella term in the fashion industry. Following are the categories of products use under this tree term:

1) Flapper Dress

2) Flapper trousers/ pants

Flapper Trouser

Flapper trouser is very trendy since the 20th century. Women of all ages love to wear it. Flapper dresses are short, slinky, loose-fitting slip-overs with short or long sleeves. sometimes women tie a belt on its low waist to make it more stylish. Due to the ease in wearing, both formal/informal usage and elegant look flapper trouser is very popular and in demand.

The interesting thing about Flapper dresses is it can be used for both party and casual wear. All we need little change to make it suitable for a special occasion like if we are at home and not in a mood to go out we can use loose flapper trouser without any belt and can spend a very easy and happy day. While in case of party time a glittery flapper with high heels helps us to make our day.

After talking about occasions if we talk about seasons flapper dresses due to their easiness and airy features are very famous in summer.

Flapper Pants

Flapper pants are very famous bottom wear among women. The popularity of these trousers/pants is due to the elegant look and ease of wearing. I personally prefer to wear flapper pants because of their stylish look with the aroma of grace.

Those girls who do not want to wear skinny and tight dresses flapper trousers/pants are the most used item of their wardrobe.

The simple and stylish features of flapper pants rank them on high priority when it is time to decide what to wear today.


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