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Party Dresses in Pakistan

We have a great collection of the latest party dresses for girls. If you are new to our store, you should know you can find everything you need for your party apparel needs. We have a different kinds of fabrics like Georgette and chiffon with some amazing colors and patterns. You try to keep our store updated with the latest fashion trends. We bring the new fashion from western countries within Pakistan at your doorstep. has all of the fashionable Pakistani Party wear dresses. We have the best party dresses for unmatched style and personality. We have something for every kind of customer. Our aim is to provide the latest Pakistani designs for party clothes. These dresses do not just make you stand out at a party or function but you can also wear them for other traditional events. We try to bring the best dresses from all of the latest designs introduced in Pakistan. That’s what brings fashion hunters on our website for more. Shalwar kameez is also getting popular for party events among Pakistani customers. These Shalwar Kameez Suits are very popular in ceremonies and weddings in Pakistan. We have collected some top brands of Pakistani Party dresses and displayed their latest products on our online store. Our Party dresses collection will make you look like an awesome charmer. If you want to attend a party or wedding function, you will find the best sexy party dresses for these events in

Party dresses for Girls

We have some elegant party dresses for girls who want to stand out in a party. These dresses are designed specifically for a party event. Girls like to stay warm in winter season and comfortable in summer. All this without sacrificing the beauty. Our party dresses for girls give you both the edge of fashion and comfort of fabric. Our designers understand your needs according to your event. We have put special research and development in designing the dresses which you could wear on different kind of parties and events. We have party dresses in Pakistani and Western style.

Velvet Party Dress

If you have a winter wedding up ahead then do not miss out on our sexy party dresses. It will surely keep you warm against the cold and chilly night parties. Velvet party dresses are the best option for winter dances for girls. These dresses are in very high demand and popular among girls. Once the autumn season rolls around, velvet gowns are in high demand for ladies. In the parties off the shoulder velvet cocktail dresses, velvet bomber jacket and long sleeve dresses are perfect for layering you will undoubtedly leave an impression on those around you. Now other Pakistani Party dresses are classic black with beautiful burgundy, Jovani dress and electric velvet pink dress are perfect for your next parties.  Our popular gowns, mini dresses are fit with flare look and mermaid styles. You can make a pair with a long sleeve dress and color pleasing heeled booties. Velvet mini dresses in some heel sandals or booties and you can dress it down with some tennis shoes warm and on-trend. Currently, on-trend for the holidays seasons, a long sleeve dress is insanely elegant. A black party dress puts a unique and perfect dress for any party. A long dress can also be worn for a formal event. You can also experiment with unique colors such as red, teal, black, hot pink and dark forest green to create a fashion-forward look for a party. You can also experiment with simple black heels to complete to sophisticated touches.

Party wear dresses for Wedding Guests

Party wear dresses for the wedding can be short and long with your desired mood. All ladies desired when attending any wedding that she want to look elegant and fit. In a winter formal events, the girls like long sleeves dress and in summer her liked short dress with sandals. You can select fit and perfect party dresses in We have many fabrics such as jersey, velvet, and chiffon. These dresses include a wide range of colors such as romantic red or pink, as well as emerald, burgundy, and navy. Our store provides you with many fabrics like velvet, chiffon, jersey, and tulle give you a long range of shapes. The older woman looks gorgeous and timeless in elegant shades in party wear dresses.

Party Dresses for Teens

Party dresses for teens are suits on turning 15 or 16 in birthdays and celebrations. These events should be celebrated in style while girls becoming a teenager. For the occasions, you will find cute and perfect teens dresses in Meri shop. These dresses include a wide range of colors such as romantic red or pink of princess styles. We have new sexy party dresses for teens. You can feature many necklines such as strapless, halterneck, long sleeve and off-the-shoulder. you will also find the perfect and adorable dresses for birthday celebrations. These parties have an option to choose any style to wear dresses. Mostly girls have liked red and pink dresses to select to wear in parties. These dresses are included short sleeve and dramatic ball gowns for party pieces. Both dresses are a great choice to depending on how formal the event is.

Net Party Dress

We have many designs in net frocks like net lace maxi gowns, net shalwar kameez, net short and long shirt designs. All of these are stunning of net frock designs. These net frocks design are easily available in our store. All the of the best designs are available on our official websites. We can also provide Free Shipping for all Pakistani Customers. We have different styles of net frocks are lace net shalwar kameez, net long tail, net short frock, net long shirt, and net sleeves. The shirt of the net is one piece of fabric that can be beautifully graced into vivacious attires. For a look that net is classy to make gorgeous.

Online Party Dress Shopping in Pakistan

We are offering an opportunity of online party dress shopping in Pakistan. Our party dresses for girls come from western countries and being sold in Pakistan. You can buy these party wear dresses from merishop with Cash on Delivery service. We give you the comfort of shopping with fast shipping and easy payment methods.